Towards the dream everybody has once had

“I want to create something that’s commercially competitive.”
I’m sure everyone has once had that thought. This project grew out of that idea. The production staffs are working on this project with passion, fun, and hope that it would outdo other professional works.
The idea was to bring together individual talents and create a visual work from scratch. The original concept was something I’d had for a while. And from that concept, we flesh out exciting stories, and put them down on a script. We design a variety of unique characters, create modeling that is worthy of serious visual work, and create the town and props of great depth.
This project “Wailing Nightmare” has just began its first baby steps. However, it is moving forward steadily, step by step. We’re bringing the dream that everybody once had into reality, hoping to create something that people will enjoy...

- Original full CG animation created with free CG Software MikuMikuDance*
- Upload each episode for free (16 episodes,)(10 episodes, 70 minutes in total) on Nico Nico Douga and Youtube
- Story and the characters are all original
- Cast online voice actors and aim for a quality that is entertaining as a visual work