In the future where Intellectual Property Security Committee rules with an iron fist. The committee controls the copyright of magazine music, and exposes whoever resists them as anti-government force. The public is mostly unconcerned, but some determined creators often hold underground live events as their resistance. At one live event of You, an idol among those strong-minded creators, the repressing robots finally charge in and put You in danger. Just then, Sheena, a big fan of You who is a bit shy, shatters the robots with superhuman powers and wipes them out. When asked for her name, she claims herself “nightmare” and disappears into darkness of a midnight city.

World, Setting
“Tangaroa City” --- a self-governing state and a floating city in the Pacific Ocean, It’s composed of nine Giga-Floats that’s approximately 25 square kilometers each. The sails that are built around its outer perimeter always direct the city towards an area with the best weather. The key industry is high-technology engineering, and although it’s a small state, it has big influence on other countries. Each of the interlocked Giga-Floats takes charge of each role --- residence/service industry, heavy industry, airport, electric generation, agriculture, etc. It has well-organized public transportation network, and all the individual’s transportation is 100% electric.

Intellectual Property
“Intellectual Property Security Committee” is one of the distortions that resulted from concessions among each governmental agency. It’s a separate group from “Tangaroa police organization” who maintains nation’s public safety. This committee is a copyright control group who uses police force only in copyright crimes. Because of the collection of copyright fees, their budget is more than abundant.