“There has to be something I can do to help...”


CV. Sekiri

Living by herself, Sheena works as a part time at a variety goods shop and delivers coffee beans to a cafe. This shy girl’s only hobby is to follow You, the underground idol of her dream. As she leads a very average life, she encounters Intellectual Property Security Committee who burst into You’s underground live event. With a desperate desire to protect You from the enemy’s attack, Sheena stands up against the unit. In that moment, she wakes up to her own inexplicable power, actually wiping out the enemy. Now, the story has begun...

“I wonder if such artificial intelligence has a heart?”

You (day)

CV. Korosuke

This is You, the underground idol --- during the day. She goes to one of the most prestige high schools in Tangaroa. A preppy type. She’s great at both academics and sports, serving as a president of the student council as well as a member of swimming club. Afterschool, she often hangs out at a cafe “Untitled” to work on lyrics of her new songs while sipping a cup of her favorite tea. Although she is always very ladylike, she also has a sharp side too, making a smart comeback to Takeshi or “Master” at the cafe.

“Now everybody come on!! Follow me!”

You (night)

CV. Korosuke

In the time when the copyright law has gotten strict and a government organization called Intellectual Property Security Committee rigorously bans all the creative works, You performs as a vocal of “Re:zalque”, the underground live event group.

“My motto is widely and deeply. I read from hardcover books to the books that make it hard.”


CV. [Ren]

The owner of the cafe “Untitled” where customers rarely visit. (*In Japan, the owner/chief at a cafe is called “master”.) He gains wide range of knowledge from hardcover books to the books that make it hard, and takes pride in his wide interests. He shares his random trivia with Takeshi or You and annoys them, but he enjoys it.

“Alright that’s enough, Master.”


CV. Koge-inu

Takeshi works part-time at the cafe “Untitled”. He is the most “decent” person of all, having precise comebacks to Master who often annoys the customers with his trivia. For You who is the regular at the cafe or Sheena who makes a delivery there, he is the only “decent” person to talk to. He enjoys taking pictures of cats.

“Good evening, everyone. We are Intellectual Property Security Committee.”


The unit of “Intellectual Property Security Committee” which controls all the intangible rights including patents, trademarks, portrait rights, and copyrights. They are deployed as “Wistaria” --- the custom machine that was enhanced based on a military unit called “Peacemaker”.

“Tangaroa police organization protects everyone’s safety.”

Police Unit

The regular unit of Tangaroa police organization. This unit is purely for the purpose of general operation, so its power is significantly weaker than Wistaria. Another big difference from Wistaria is its looks. Its design has a feminine looks, so that it’s more acceptable for the society.